Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye to the old - Hello to the New

So, I am starting a new adventure for 2013.  I have joined Life Book 2013, organized by Tamara Laporte, with several other instructors through the year, all teaching their mixed media and art techniques.

I took a class in December with Seth Apter and really want to develop my skills with painting and find my own style.  If you ever have a chance to take a class with Seth Apter, you should do it. 

I painted a background last night using the technique that Seth teaches.  I like the results, although I would like to see more texture.  Will try again today and see if I can get the texture results I am looking for.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

On to Something NEW

Well, I never have completed my embroidery sampler that I started stitching with Amy, but I do figure I have until my 50th birthday in December to be "officially" behind.

So moving on to something new. Karla hosts some AMAZING swaps, and I had to jump on board and join in this as I am a Wizard of Oz NUT! So join in the fun and make up some tags to swap. Contact Karla to join the swap - you can get to her site by clicking on the link to the right!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally Got Started

Drew up my grid and stitched my first block. Batteries need to charge for my camera, and then I will post a picture of my progress. Very fun planning out what my squares will be, and enjoying looking at everyone else's work.

Thanks so much Amy and all of the stitchers for the inspiration!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Already Behind

So, I'm already behind on my "39 Squares" Project, but I refuse to stress over it. I did gather up most of my supplies, and I am committed to using only items I have on hand.

I can not find my embroidery floss storage case ... I'm at a loss over where I put it. I did find some counted cross stitch kits I have, so I am using the floss in those kits until I can put my hands on my storage case ... hhhmmmm, I just can't remember where it is. I know I will be using buttons on my project ... I LOVE BUTTONS!! But I have so many and it will be difficult to choose which I will use. Only the most special will make the "cut".

Even though I haven't stitched anything yet, I have been planning out my squares. I have decided I am making my project into 50 squares. Yes, this year I will be turning 50! Oh gosh, that makes me so anxious just thinking about it.

I have also signed up for Teresa McFayden's embroidery zine to get some fresh ideas on different designs and/or stitches to use in my project. She has some great videos with step-by-step stitches. You can check out how to sign up for her embroidery zine here:

So Happy Stitching to everyone. Can't wait to see what everyone is making and I'm excited to get stitching so I can share my progress.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Playing Along with "39 Squares"

I have been inspired to create an embroidery sampler. I am going to play along with Amy at and create my own. We have a snow day today so it will be the perfect time to gather up my supplies and get ready to stitch.