Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Already Behind

So, I'm already behind on my "39 Squares" Project, but I refuse to stress over it. I did gather up most of my supplies, and I am committed to using only items I have on hand.

I can not find my embroidery floss storage case ... I'm at a loss over where I put it. I did find some counted cross stitch kits I have, so I am using the floss in those kits until I can put my hands on my storage case ... hhhmmmm, I just can't remember where it is. I know I will be using buttons on my project ... I LOVE BUTTONS!! But I have so many and it will be difficult to choose which I will use. Only the most special will make the "cut".

Even though I haven't stitched anything yet, I have been planning out my squares. I have decided I am making my project into 50 squares. Yes, this year I will be turning 50! Oh gosh, that makes me so anxious just thinking about it.

I have also signed up for Teresa McFayden's embroidery zine to get some fresh ideas on different designs and/or stitches to use in my project. She has some great videos with step-by-step stitches. You can check out how to sign up for her embroidery zine here: http://teresamcfayden.typepad.com/minutia/

So Happy Stitching to everyone. Can't wait to see what everyone is making and I'm excited to get stitching so I can share my progress.


Lorrie said...

Good for you for not stressing about this project. It's fun, not a demand. So what if you do one square a week, or three per day - no one is really counting.
I'm enjoying this stitch along - thanks for commenting.


Molly said...

HI Evelyn! Yes you can use any of my ideas! Happy stitching!!
~Molly P

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Are you going to periodically "share" with us so we can see how the project is going? I just love sneak peeks!!!